From historical roots evolves a premier real estate company.

ProfessionalsIn 1856, the Haggard family arrived in Plano to begin a new life. For five generations the Haggards ranched and farmed the land in Plano. Today the family continues to farm and ranch approximately 2400 acres in the Plano area, maintaining their roots in the midst of extensive suburban development. However, in response to the spread of the city to the country, the Haggards have changed their primary focus from ranching and farming to real estate pursuits.

The Haggards have been instrumental in the development and management of commercial and residential areas throughout Plano and Frisco. In particular, the Haggards have been responsible for much of the commercial development in Plano along Central Expressway and the North Dallas Tollway including Willow Bend Market, Tinseltown and Windhaven Plaza. In addition, the Haggards have been involved with developments throughout Plano encompassing both commercial and residential properties and have extensive holdings. They have participated in the development of retail shopping centers, restaurants, land leases, commercial and residential stand-alone properties, condominiums, and apartments.

While the family's interests have expanded from the initial pursuit of farming and ranching, certain family traditions have remained the same. In particular, the Haggards are bound to Plano and its neighboring areas by a strong sense of community and civic duty. The family tradition of giving back to the community extends to each member of the family.